DJ Target sits down with the legendary Ghetts, discussing what freedom of speech really means.



After documenting Grime’s legacy in his bestseller Grime Kids, DJ Target & Post Kulture are launching a 10-part online series, in which Target sits down one-on-one with Grime’s founding fathers, as well as with the new generation. This pilot features the legendary Ghetts - a man whose motivation comes from a place of giving a voice to the ones that aren't heard.

With his book Grime Kids, DJ Target takes us back to the early days of Grime. In his opening statement, Target explains what drove the genre and its early MCs.

“A voice emerged from the youth, with an urgency that demanded to be heard. A voice of our own."

Off the back of the book, Post Kulture is shooting a 10 part series with DJ Target featuring some of the genre’s most important and influential artists. For every episode, each guest designs a collector’s piece that represents a part Grime’s legacy. For the design from our first guest, the legendary Ghetts, we need to go all the way back to the days when he started out rapping.

“A lot of times, as a youngster, you feel that your voice is not heard. Grime gave us freedom of speech.“

Target goes on to state that the design's message is the very reason that drove Grime to what it is today.

"It represents the wider scale of what this is all about. It is why we are in it and why we’re doing this.”

With ‘freedom of speech’ at its core, Ghetts’ design goes beyond just strong aesthetics. It’s more than just a hoodie - it’s a call to action. “Say Something” is a statement to be heard.

This Ghetts designed collectors hoodie is a limited edition streetwear piece available for a short time only.

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